Villa Roma Imperiale - Forte di Marmi

Forte dei Marmi & Tuscany

The iconic beaches of Forte a step away from Florence, Lucca and Siena

Certain places in the world have more than a story to them – they tell a legend. The small coastal town of Forte dei Marmi is one of these unique places. Born in the 1400s as a marble hub for artists such as Michelangelo, the town developed into a tiny fisherman community, nestled between long sandy beaches and white marble mountains.

At the beginning of the 20th century, some of Italy’s most prominent families sensed the town’s magical beauty - together with artists and writers from all over Europe, they escaped their mundane lives, and fled to this part of the Tuscan coast.

Villa Roma Imperiale - Forte di Marmi

To imagine Forte between the 20’s and 40’s, is to imagine royalty and the world’s most prominent families lounging on the beach enjoying a plate of Spaghetti alle Arselle, drinking wine, entertaining family and friends. Forte dei Marmi would soon steal the heart of Thomas Mann (often seen walking the pier at sunset); inspire Gabriele D’Annuzio’s masterpiece La Pioggia nel Pineto, and keep company to Count Negroni as he enjoyed his recently invented cocktail (the ‘Negroni’) at La Capannina.

Villa Roma Imperiale - Forte di Marmi

The economic boom between the 60s and the 80s made Forte dei Marmi one of Italy's most iconic and exclusive holiday destinations. Renowned personalities in art, politics, and literature started buying their holiday homes here, defining that dolce vita lifestyle that still characterizes Forte today.

To this very day, Forte dei Marmi, remains un-touched. Colourful vintage-looking beach huts & umbrellas sprawled across wide sandy beaches. Here you can mingle with resident socialites, whose families have been walking these beaches for generations, and enjoy a plate of spaghetti by the seashore. From Michelin-starred restaurants to local culinary gems; high-end luxury boutiques to open-air markets; evenings relaxing at your villa to party nights at La Capannina: Forte dei Marmi has no rules.

Forte dei Marmi to the rest of Tuscany

Lucca 20 minutes by car
Florence 1 hour by car
Siena 1.5 hours by car
Pisa 25 minutes by car

Villa Roma Imperiale - Forte di Marmi
Villa Roma Imperiale - Forte di Marmi