Villa Roma Imperiale - Forte di Marmi


Your getaway to an authentic Italian summer

Forte dei Marmi has a special charm. That cultivated glamour that comes from over a century of dolce vita - literates and artists, actors and some of the most distinguished personalities in the country mingling on the beach and gathering for informal dinners by the pools of their villas. Sandy beaches, colorful cabana huts, tree-lined streets hiding elegant estates, all embraced by marble mountains. The scene is that of a dazzling Italian town, where everyone is smiling, because the sun is always shining, the food is always mind-blowing and you are riding your bike barefoot to a gala dinner. There is particular way of life that needs to be embraced on this part of the coast of Tuscany.

Villa Roma Imperiale - Forte di Marmi

Villa Roma Imperiale is the love child of an Italian family who has been vacationing in Forte dei Marmi for generations and whose goal was to create a sanctuary of the vita fortemarmina (i.e. the Forte dei Marmi way of life).

A Villa, a home to each guest, a place where to unwind, enjoy a plate of spaghetti under the shade of a centenary pine-tree and spend evenings with a deck of cards, a glass of wine and the friends of a lifetime. This luxury hotel in Forte dei Marmi is all of this - the intimate comfort of a private home, your carefree shimmering Italian escape.

Our art collection is scattered around the living rooms and verandas, in the garden, in the bedrooms.  The design is curated meticulously, with hand-picked Italian pieces, tailor-made furniture and site-specific art installations by local artists from nearby Pietrasanta.

We are ready to welcome you from April to October.

Villa Roma Imperiale - Forte di Marmi

Forte dei Marmi, August 2020