Bespoke concierge service and custom-made experiences

Forte dei Marmi in July and August is meant to be enjoyed as it is.

These are months of excitement, recreation, social gathering - the sun is shining and the days are hot. Your morning should begin at the beach or at the Sunday market, your day should involve a long, relaxed lunch with your feet on the sand and some cold white wine, an afternoon nap and a glamours dinner. 

It’s not the time to be running around Tuscany, it is the time to enjoy the pleasures of an Italian summer. This is your experience.

On the other hand, if you visit Forte dei Marmi in more the more fresh months of spring, late summer or early autumn, there are some wonderful experiences to take advantage of. The magnificent city of Lucca is only a 20 min ride from the hotel. The leaning tower of Pisa is 30 minutes away. 

The colorful Cinque Terre can be reached by boat (recommended during the warmer months) or by train in less than an hour. You can venture to Florence for the day or explore the wonders of the Marble Quarries where Michelangelo got the marble for his David.

Below is just some inspiration. 

Our experiences are of course as tailored made as everything else at Villa Roma Imperiale.