Villa Roma Imperiale - Forte di Marmi

Marble Quarries

(about 40 min from FdM)

The optical illusion leaves you breathless: from Forte dei Marmi it seems that even in the middle of summer the Apuan Alps are covered with snow, but just take the road that climbs up to the mountains to realize that it is the famous white Carrara marble! On board a 4x4 Jeep you can cross the quarries to touch what is considered the most beautiful marble in the world. It is said that Michelangelo often went to the quarries in search of the perfect block of marble from which to "free the form in the stone". He engraved his "M" on the rock walls as a signal for the cutters. This is where the David comes from.

We also recommend a visit to Colonnata, a small village in the middle of the quarries, famous for the lard that is seasoned inside lavers ... rigorously made of marble!

For information and reservations please contact our Concierge.

Time required for this excursion: half day.